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Simplee™ Ab-Master - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Ab-Master $54.95 $109.99
**THIS WEEK - 50% OFF!**Getting into shape takes hard work and is never easy. That is why we created the Simplee Ab-Master. This at-home trainer is the best addition for anyone looking to achieve results and fitness at home. Tone your abs, legs, arms, and glutes, and get the body you want - quicker than before, all from home! Best results when paired with our Simplee™ Yoga Resistance Pull Rope or our Simplee™ Resistance Pedal Exerciser. HOW DOES IT DO IT? Exercise options are endless - giving you a wide variety of exercises for any at-home workout. Ensuring You Have the Proper Form - There are no shortcuts to getting in the shape you want - do it right or don’t do it at all! Easy to Use - The Ab-Master Pro is specifically designed for ease of use. You can incorporate it into your daily routine and achieve results fast!   Top Quality - The Ab Master has an extra-strong suction bottom allowing you to do exercises at anyplace at anytime! Features: Made of ultra-soft foam for long-lasting comfort Powerful suction system works on any surface Lightweight and portable to workout ANYWHERE Set up and start using in seconds Compact and can be easily stored anywhere Adjustable height makes it suitable for any size or fitness level Alternate workouts for targeting arms, legs, and glutes   Package includes:1x Ab-Master   Tags: Ab Workout, Abs, Abdominal, At-home workout
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Simplee™ Multi-Trainer Pro - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Multi-Trainer Pro $39.95 $79.99
FULL-BODY WORKOUT AT HOME IN UNDER 10 MINUTES PER DAY ALL DONE WITH THE SIMPLEE™ MULTI-TRAINER PRO **50% OFF! - THIS WEEK ONLY**   Helps you expand chest, back, arms, shoulders, and abs in one motion;Work your upper, middle, lower and oblique abdominal muscle. Now with the MultiTrainer Pro™ 2.0 you can get a highly effective full body workout - from home, in under 10 minutes per day!MULTIFUNCTIONALWith its dual rollers, the Simplee™ MultiTrainer Pro™ offers over 50 highly effective exercises.   Targeting all major muscle groups, including abs, legs, glutes, arms, chest, and shoulders. ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCEChoose the best resistance level for you by wrapping the resistance band around the Resistance Control Pegs at the bottom of the kneeling board. EXTRA EFFECTIVE & CORE WORKOUT Ideal for cardio, yoga, abs, core, endurance, stamina, arms and legs training.Offers a wide variety of abs and core-focused exercises to strengthen your upper, middle, lower and oblique abdominals. DUAL RESISTANCESpecially designed to create resistance both on the positive and the negative, minimizing muscle rest time and increasing the effectiveness of each movement, to get quicker and better results. ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCEChoose the best resistance level for you by wrapping the resistance band around the Resistance Control Pegs at the bottom of the kneeling board. FLEXIBLE & LONG LASTINGMade of flexible and strong components. Able to withstand use and durability in the long term.     Tags: At-home workout, legs, glutes, butt, booty workout, fitness bands, abs, ab roller, arms, hip
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Simplee™ Elastic Band Set - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Elastic Band Set $19.95 $39.99
An essential addition to any dynamic warm-up or workout, the Simplee™ Fitness Elastic Band set comes with 5 resistance levels: extra light, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. This set is great for upper and lower body warm-up and corrective exercises. 5 resistance levels Adapt easily for multiple fitness levels Modify your existing workouts Easily bring your workout while traveling Tags: At-home workout, legs, glutes, butt, booty workout, fitness bands
Replacement Gel Pads - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Replacement Gel Pads from $14.95 $6.12
Once you start using the Simplee™ Muscle Toner line, chances are you won't want to ever stop. The results that roll in will be enough for you to trust in just what these toners can do for your body, and continuing to use them in your daily routines is sure to become second nature. But, the more you use them, the more the unique gel pads begin to wear down, and when that happens, you will need these Replacement Gel Pads. These pads are a crucial part of any toner, whether it be for the EMS Booty Toner, EMS Abs Toner or EMS Toning Bands. The pads are what allows the pulses and signals to move and spread evenly across the different muscles to deliver the best possible results; if they become weak or worn, you may not be able to use the toners to their best abilities, leaving you feeling as if your results are lacking. These pads facilitate the muscle-stimulating pulses that do most of the work in the toners, so keeping them in the best shape possible is important. With the Replacement Gel Pads, you can be sure that your toning tools are always working at their best. Replacing them every 20 to 30 sessions is recommended if you are using the toners on your own, and if you are sharing it with your partner, it is recommended to replace them every 10 to 15 sessions. Each pack comes with five pairs, or 10 pieces, of the medical grade gel pads to keep you well stocked.
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Simplee™ Ab Roller - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Ab Roller $39.95 $79.99
SPECIFICATIONS Material: ABS, EVA, Steel, Foam Color: Black Size: 30cm x 15cm   Tags: Ab Workout, Abs, Abdominal, At-home workout
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Simplee™ Trigger Point Roller - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Trigger Point Roller $42.95 $69.99
Deep Tissue Roll Massager – Beyond myofascial massage this muscle roller helps release tension, stress and pain in the muscles by improving natural circulation and reducing inflammation to restore mobility and flexibility. MAIN FEATURES Full Body Handheld Massage – Offering self-massager trigger point relief this ergonomic roller uses dual texturing rolling massage points that can be used on the arms, forearms, elbows, legs, calves, neck, and other sore or aching areas. Restorative Stimulation – Rolling our body massager over your muscles before or after a tough workout or long day at work can help relieve stress, reduce aches and pains, and minimize soreness to help you recover faster. Compact, Lightweight and Portable – Our personal massager can be used at home, when you’re at the gym, or while traveling or on vacation, so you can keep your body going strong even after a tough workout or long trip to the beach. Personalize Your Experience – Far more than a tennis elbow massager for athletes or golfers this tool can be used for myofascial release, deep tissue massage, reflexology, acupressure, or even relieving carpal tunnel or strained muscles.
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Simplee™ Resistance Pedal Exerciser - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Resistance Pedal Exerciser $39.95 $59.99
Workout in the privacy of your home, hotel room, office, or even outdoors! Training with the resistance bands may not only assist with rehabilitative exercises, fat loss, building muscle, but also prevent of getting a cervical spine and lumbar pain, maintaining a healthy body for you. Ideal for toning & strengthening stomach, waist, and legs, arms, hips, thighs, and works on the tummy at the same time. HOW TO USE? 1. Waist Exercised: Footing flat on the fixed footrest, holding the handle. With the tube, it is flexible to do a sit-up. It can consume twice calories than usual sit-ups. 2. Leg Exercised: Lying on the yoga mat, holding on the handle and footing on the footrest. Legs bent in 90 angles and force forward. Recommendation 15 times each. 3. Shoulder Exercised: Standing still and footing on the footrest, hold on the handle firmly pull up and down. Recommendation 15 times each, repeat 2-3 group. It can prevent scapulohumeral periarthritis, increasing the flexibility of the shoulder. 4. Arm Exercised: Sitting on the chair and footing on the footrest, keep in 90 angles, pull around the tube. Palms hold up the pull implement can exercise the arm's inside muscles. Packing Includes: 1 x Pedal Fitness Rope Tags: At-home workout, legs, glutes, butt, booty workout, fitness bands, exercise
Simplee™ Yoga Resistance Pull Rope - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Yoga Resistance Pull Rope from $9.95 $19.99
Designed for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, physical fitness and weight loss, the Simplee™ Yoga Resistance Pull Rope is your first choice for enhancing the workout effect! Target All Body Parts: Arms, legs, chest and so on. Can also be used in conjunction with weights and other fitness equipment to effectively build muscle, strength, and tone the body. High Strength Latex Rope: Extremely flexible with no odor. Our highly elastic pulling band is made of premium latex to withstand high intensity stretching. Stretchable rope length reaches 1.25m. High-Quality Environment-friendly Foam Handle: Anti-slip handle gives you a comfortable grip. No deformation after long time use. Lightweight and Easy Carrying: This portable and convenient pull rope is perfect for outdoor activities, gym training or exercise at home. Choose Your Perfect Resistance: Our resistance bands come in 5 levels differentiated by 5 colors so you can choose it according to your fitness conditions.
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Simplee™ Anti-Cellulite Leggings - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Anti-Cellulite Leggings $25.95 $6.28
Introducing the Simplee™ Booty Lifting x Anti-Cellulite Leggings. We reinvented our award-winning Booty Lifting leggings with our Smart Anti-Cellulite Fabric© to help smooth and reduce the appearance of cellulite, all while providing your butt the support and shaping it needs to look naturally full and round! LIFT YOUR BOOTY & SHAPE YOUR BODY These high waisted leggings serve as an instant tummy tuck and waist cincher. High waistband designed to prevent slippage and sagging—helping to lift your butt and put it into place, giving it that perfect shape. Our anti-cellulite high waisted leggings are versatile leggings with slimming, push up and a textured design, intended to hide the appearance of cellulite and imperfections. Features an improved silhouette, thanks to the extremely elastic compressed fabric. FIRM COMPRESSION Squat-proof, high-compression, non-transparent material for low to high impact activity. HIDE CELLULITE & OTHER FLAWS The Honeycomb Bubble Textured Fabric will hide any flaws, as it is specifically designed to deceive any skin imperfections. Curved seams are designed for enhanced shape and support. DURABLE & BREATHABLE Heavyweight, breathable and form-fitted. 4-way stretch gives you complete freedom. The Polyamide Microfibres have bio-activated Mineral Crystals integrated to hide & vanish even the most stubborn cellulite. Features: High-stretch fabric is very supportive for maximum confidence Visibly reduces unwanted cellulite on legs Tightens & firms loose skin on thighs Ultra-Compression knitting to reshape & tone silhouette High-waist & thickened woven for midsection & tummy flattening control Ultra-lightweight fabric is sweat-wicking and quick-drying Machine washable Sizing: Please review our sizing guide carefully before choosing your size. Sizing generally runs one size smaller than USA / EU sizing, if you are XS in EU/US, you will fit our S. If you are a USA/EU S, you will fit our M, etc.) We advise to size closest to the minimum value on this chart for the best possible fit Variance in sizing values is due to the minimum and maximum stretch potential in the fabric. Tags: Leggings, Anti-Cellulite, Body Slimming
Simplee™ Slimming Waist Trainer
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Slimming Waist Trainer from $29.95 $59.99
Achieve that hourglass body in seconds! Get ready to flaunt that bikini body with this Simplee™ Slimming Waist Trainer. It’s made of comfortable, close-fitting fabric that allows you to wear them any time of the day, with ease. Wearing it during your workouts turns up the heat and increases sweating in your belly area. It helps eliminate toxins in your body and accelerate your calorie-burning process. Like sauna for your belly! Snatch that waist! This trimmer is made with durable, high-quality, and elastic fabric. It’s equipped with 9 steel bones that help shape your waist and for better support. For stronger compression and a more remarkable effect, it features an adjustable velcro lock on top of the front zipper. This double-layer lock also gives you that hourglass shape you’ve always wanted. Apart from its amazing weightless and fat-burning functions, it can also be used for postpartum waist recovery, back pain relief, and posture correction. The heat produced maintains muscle warmth and promotes relaxation to prevent fatigue and injury after exercise. It can be worn over or under your clothes, depending on the level of sweating you want to achieve. This power was trimmer is suitable for all shapes and sizes. It’s easy to use and unbelievably effective! It’s not too late for that incredible summer body. This sweat belt is the answer! Feel and see the results yourself. Specifications: Material: Neoprene, Polyester, Spandex Lock: Zipper with Hook, Velcro Belt Type: 9 Steel-boned Latex Corset


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