Simplee™ Automatic Wireless Hair Curler

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Simplee™ Automatic Wireless Hair Curler

Ultra compact, wireless, portable, and fully automatic. The Simplee™ Automatic Wireless Hair Curler allows you to make loops in only 8 seconds.

✿ Fantastic curls in a few seconds

Are you tired of using complicated curlers that don't give the desired results or even burn you? With the Simplee™ Automatic Wireless Hair Curler this is a thing of the past: The simple operation gives you dreamlike curls in a few seconds.

✿ Effortlessly curl or wave your hair

This curler allows you to effortlessly curl or wave your hair on the go with its unique chamber that can be adjusted to rotate hair left or right, giving you the freedom to style your hair exactly how you want. 

✿ Safety

Gone are the days of tangled cords, burnt fingers, and unsightly clamp marks, because with the Simplee™ Automatic Wireless Hair Curler you’ll be able to achieve perfect curls and waves safely anywhere, anytime.

✿ Even waves

The automated curler intelligently distributes the heat amongst every strand of hair for curls and waves that are perfectly balanced across the entire head.

✿ Doesn't damage your hair

The Simplee™ Automatic Wireless Hair Curler is coated with a vegetable protein that protects hair when it comes in contact with heat, meaning you won’t risk drying or damaging your hair when using this device.

✿ Perfect for traveling

Are you tired of oversized and impractical curling irons? The compact Simplee™ Automatic Wireless Hair Curler fits in any handbag and is not only handy, efficient, and safe but also beautiful to look at.

✿ Easy to use

Now you can achieve glossy, bouncy, and long-lasting curls in mere seconds with our best-selling Simplee™ Automatic Wireless Hair Curler regardless of whether you’re a first-time hair curler or a professional hairstylist!

✿ Almost sold out

We currently have very few items in stock. If you are thinking about buying the curling iron, then buy it NOW, because we cannot guarantee that it will be in stock for a long time. 



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